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Storm Damage Hail

Hail Damage Can Cause More Damage to Your Roof Than You Realize. Our Experienced Roofing Experts with Extensive Experience in Repair Hail Damage Can Help

Hail storms can significantly harm your roof and damage the shingles. This can expose your roof and your house to outside elements that could worsen the damage. While hail storm damage can be easy to spot in some cases, the damage could also be unnoticeable in other cases.

Getting your roof inspected properly by residential and commercial roofing professionals is integral after a hail storm. The experienced team at Lavalion Roofing & Home Services can conduct a thorough inspection and find even the hard-to-spot damages after a hail storm.

Getting the hail storm damage repairs done immediately can save you a significant amount of money by preventing potential roofing issues in the future.

Common Hail Damage to the Roof

Hail damage can cause multiple damages to the roof. Some of the most common hail damage is damaged panels or shingles that need replacement. Typically, damaged shingles may have:

  • Bruises
  • Broken edges
  • Granule loss
  • Punctures

While these might seem like minor issues, broken or damaged shingles must immediately be repaired to maintain the safety of your house.

Process of Hail Damage Inspection and Repair

Our inspection and repair process is simple.

  • Once you book an inspection, our team will promptly arrive at your location.
  • We assess the roof with shingles by looking for lost granules, dents, or holes.
  • For slate, tile, or metal roofs, we examine your roof for chips, cracks, and punctures.
  • Our team also inspects skylights, vents, and gutters for damage.
  • Once the inspection is complete, our team will give you a detailed summary of the hail damage on your roof and give you a quote.
  • After the inspection and once the quote is approved by you, we will start working on the repairs.
  • We also collaborate with your insurance provider to get the problem fixed quickly and without breaking the bank.
  • Our team quickly remove the debris and make necessary repairs and replacement to ensure your roof is safe and fully functional in no time.

Hail Storm Damage Repair Services in Houston

Lavalion Roofing & Home Services has a team of qualified and knowledgeable roofing professionals with a combined experience of ten years. Our experts know the best way to manage and repair hail damage to your roof and leave it stronger than before. We understand prolonging the repair process can worsen the damage, which is why we complete the repair professionally and promptly. If your roof has sustained damage due to a hail storm, our team can conduct a thorough inspection and find the best quality roofing solutions.

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