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Residential Emergency Roofing

In Case of a Disaster, Your Roof Requires Emergency Roofing Repairs to Keep You and Your Family Protected. Lavalion’s Experts Provide Residential Emergency Roofing Services to Enhance the Safety of your Home

Roof emergencies can cause major damage to the house when not addressed immediately. It could result in water damage or flooding that could spread to different areas of a residential building. Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers emergency roof repair services for any type of roof damage.

Our emergency roofing experts in Houston have extensive knowledge and experience. Our team understands how significant it is to immediately repair any roof damage to avoid expensive repairs. We can identify the problem quickly and get it fixed efficiently and quickly.

Common Emergency Roofing Issues in Residential Buildings

Some of the common emergency roof repair problems in residential buildings include:

  • Storm or harsh winds can blow off metal flashing or shingles. This could also expose your attic or roof layers to outside elements
  • Tree branches falling on the roof could lead to structural damage, or tree limbs could scratch the decking or shingles
  • Fire and heat can cause severe damage to the shingles and structure of the roof
  • Animals or rodents could chew their way into the roof to look for shelter, causing large holes
  • General wear and tear is normal when it comes to the roof, and if left untreated, it may result in leaks or other problems
  • Hail can lead to granule penetrations or loss in the roof shingles
  •  Poor or improper installation and delayed maintenance can result in roof damage

What to Do in a Residential Emergency Roofing Situation?

In case of a residential roofing emergency, here are a few things you should do:

  • Avoid going on the roof. If there has been severe damage, trying to fix the issue or inspect the damage yourself could prove highly dangerous
  • Stay calm and get out of the house if the damage is too severe to avoid any injuries
  • Protect your belongings if there is a leak in the roof by wrapping a tarp or plastic sheet under the damaged part and protect your valuables
  • Call in the roofing professionals immediately to fix the damage safely and efficiently

Consult Expert Residential Roofing Contractors in Houston

Lavalion Roofing & Home Services offers residential emergency roofing services in Houston Metro, Texas. Our team has extensive experience in construction and roof repair, with a keen eye for spotting the problem immediately.

A damaged roof can prove extremely dangerous for you and your loved ones, as well as your investments. Getting immediate professional assistance in case of a roofing emergency in a residential area is crucial. Our qualified and knowledgeable professionals can arrive at your location immediately and secure your house to protect it from further damage. After a thorough investigation, our team determines the best way of repairing the roof and guides you about the best solutions. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are our top priority, and we only use the best quality materials to enhance the protection of your house.

Lavalion Offers Quick and Efficient Residential Emergency Roofing Services For Any Roof Damage. Our Team is Ready to Help.

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