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Multi-Family Emergency Roofing

Multi-family emergency roofing can be a bit more tricky than regular residential emergency roofing. This is because multi-family properties pose a few challenges regarding emergency roof repair services.

  • It can be difficult to keep track of maintenance for multi-family properties, leading to roof damage going unnoticed for long periods.
  • Not all roofing and repair companies can handle multi-family emergency roofing since the emergencies can be quite large-scale and affect multiple families residing in the properties.
  • With multiple families living in the same property, roof repair services can be extremely disruptive. You need a roofing company that can handle the repairs quickly, efficiently, and with the least stress for the residents.

If you’re looking for a contracting company that can take care of all your multi-family emergency roofing in Sugar Land, Texas, then Lavalion Roofing & Home Services is the company for you!

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When Do You Need Emergency Roofing Services for Your Multi-Family Property?

Roofing emergencies can happen for several reasons, and having details of your roofing contractor company in your phonebook is important. If any of the following problems occur in your multi-family property’s roof, you need to call your contractors immediately to avoid further damage:

After a Storm

A storm with harsh winds, rain, lightning, and hail can cause serious damage to a roof and can lead to small cracks and breaks in the structure that might go unnoticed for some time. This can lead to the damage worsening right under your nose! So, it is best to call for emergency roofing services after a storm to inspect your roof and repair any damage as soon as possible.

After a Fire

If there has been a fire in your multi-family property or on the roof itself, this can mean potential structural problems. In the worst-case scenario, a roof might cave in and cause harm to the residents of the property. Once the fire has been contained, emergency roofing services will be required to assess the damage.

If there is a Hole in the Roof

A small or large hole in the roof is an immediate cause for concern. The hole must be patched immediately to protect your multi-family property from the elements. Then, emergency roofing services also need to determine the cause behind the hole occurring and work to fix that problem. 

If You Spot Water Damage

Water damage on the ceiling of a property might point to cracks or breaks in the roof. If water spots start to appear, call emergency roofing services sooner rather than later.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles might seem like an aesthetic problem alone, but it can actually lead to a weakened roof structure. If you notice shingles missing or blown away, you might need to call in the roofing contractors to check on the roof.

After Impact Damage

A falling tree, heavy hail, or some other kind of impact on the roof can lead to breaks, cracks, and holes that must be addressed immediately. Impact damage can weaken the entire roof structure and put the property and residents at risk of a roof collapse. If your multi-family property’s roof has sufferance from impact damage, call emergency roofing services immediately.

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